Rain Gardens

A Rain Garden is a planting bed landscaped with native plants that store and filter stormwater runoff instead of allowing the water to run over the surface. By replacing soil on site with loose amended soil, the water quickly filtrates into the ground naturally, preventing it from entering the stormwater system. Depending on the size of the rain garden, a perforated PVC pipe may be used as an underground drain for slowly draining soils to prevent flooding. Benefits of rain gardens include erosion control, reduction in community flooding, and an ecologically and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels capture and store rainwater that runs off your roof. Harvesting rainwater, which has been done for centuries, can be stored for later use, released slowly over time to infiltrate properly, or used immediately for watering lawns and landscaped areas. Improvements in rain barrel design eliminate the threat of basement flooding and also keep collected water from becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Benefits include reducing your household water consumption, watering plants without chlorine-treated water, and most importantly, saving money on water bills. Rainwater collection is a win-win for the homeowner and the environment.

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