Happy Holidays from EcoLand! Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to our blog. We hope this blog becomes an interactive place for our current and potential clients to learn new ideas, exchange maintenance tips and for us share interesting, fun topics surrounding the always evolving landscape design world.

You may be wondering, why would I hire a Landscape Designer?

#1: IDEAS: A Landscape Designer will help you think of a hardscape layout or landscaping option you haven’t thought of yet. We can generate multiple ideas right on site at our first meeting. We help you define goals and provide you with professional advice on how to best achieve these goals. Maybe the driveway can be relocated to allow for more privacy or a more efficient entrance. Maybe we can reduce square footage or create a permeable surface to save you money and reduce stormwater runoff. All good things right?!  We can suggest elements of patio and walkway spaces that allow for easier entertaining. Also-we can talk to you about plants for year round interest for longer than you would probably like!

#2: PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Ultimately, our job is to ensure that you get a finished product you are happy with that is of the highest quality. Our second job is to keep the construction process stress free and enjoyable. We manage all of the material ordering and schedule of construction. You have another set of eyes on your project at all times. If you decide to change the scope at all during the project (for example, adding more plantings), we can get this completed seamlessly for you to avoid any delays. Weather can play a large factor in outdoor work, and we use our judgement to create as little “mess” as possible. For example, if it’s too muddy to run our machine or would result in a disaster in your lawn…we can hold off a day to let the ground dry up. Unlike many larger companies that are running behind on projects and rushing to move on to the next, we make your project our #1 priority.

#3: BUDGET: A Landscape Designer can help you make the most of your budget on your project. Most of the time, homeowners have a budget in mind. We can work with this to get you the most for your money. For example, at our first meeting we discuss the main priorities of your project. Let’s say you need to screen your neighbors that are way too close. In this case we would suggest to invest in larger, more mature plantings in this location, then choose smaller less costly plants in another, less visible location to balance the cost. We have a lot of experience reducing budgets to achieve a clients goals when needed. For example, a homeowner may be interested in a patio, walkway or driveway material but it is too expense with the SF desired. Without sacrificing square footage, we may be able to incorporate the material you love in a smaller way, such as a border, seat wall or designing the patio with multiple levels and materials.

We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you to help you maximize your outdoor space. I hope you are all enjoying the first snows of the season.  So many plants are the most beautiful with a fresh layer of snow! The photo below is winterberry, one of our favorite natives.

Stay warm,